Please Keep Me Informed

MSGP advocates for common-sense financial regulation reforms. We’re on the side of Main Street businesses, workers, savers and investors.

Our issues are Main Street's issues.

You didn’t cause the financial crisis. But now you’re getting caught in the regulatory crossfire. We’re here to help. And we need your help as well, to make Main Street’s voices heard.

This is what Main Street Growth Project is all about:

    Regular Checking-Account holders:
  • Remember how common free-checking used to be? Us too! MSGP is pushing to reverse the downward trend in free-checking and pushing to slow the upward trend in fees for ATMs and other services. Bad regulation is part of the problem.
  • Our efforts also help the “unbanked,” those that are outside the formal banking system and who could benefit from the return of widespread free-checking.
    Small Businesses:
  • We’re here to help small businesses, plus the local banks that serve them. We’re here to help those seeking the American dream, including immigrants and millions of others who want to start a business yet find that regulation is hamstringing that dream. Big businesses can get money from the capital markets, but small businesses rely more on loans from local banks.
    Small Investors & Savers:
  • We’re on the side of the small saver, who, like most of us, doesn’t have the $500k needed to qualify for white glove “private wealth” services, and yet proposed regulations will make it harder for small savers/investors to get investment advice. And of course, these folks shouldn’t have to be on the hook for another bank bailout.
    Community Banks:
  • Local banks are a priority for MSGP, precisely because it is these banks that disproportionately lend to small businesses. Most job growth comes from small businesses, and in particular, from new businesses. Excessive regulation on community banks is hindering our economic recovery.