screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-3-17-47-pm Read Our Latest Update: Dodd-Frank Hurts Middle-Class

See our latest update! Click to read: A crazy mortgage story, Dodd-Frank vs. middle-class, 2016's key

lehman-card 8 Years Later- Lessons From A Former Lehman Employee

The article below is by MSGP's Kyle Hauptman. It first appeared on Medium.com. Lehman’s Lessons: 8 Years Later Eight years ago, on Monday, Sept. 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11

lehman-collapse Eight Years After Lehman: Statement on the bankruptcy reform in the CHOICE Act

Eight Years After Lehman's Fall. Statement from MSGP's Kyle Hauptman: “Eight years ago today, my fellow Lehman Brothers employees and I thought we were about to become employed by either Barclays

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-01-00-pm MSGP Letter In Support of “CHOICE Act”: Pro-Main-Street Reform

MSGP Letter In Support Of CHOICE Act, HR 5983 Kyle Hauptman Executive Director Main Street Growth Project September 12, 2016 The Honorable Jeb Hensarling Chairman Committee on Financial

reuters logo MSGP in the news: Quoted in Reuters per state-run retirement accounts

MSPG Quoted in Reuters   MSGP's Kyle Hauptman was quoted in a Reuters article about the new state-run retirement accounts in California. A snippet of the column is below. Let's be clear: A

fox news logo MSGP in the News: Fox News column on the 2016 debate

The 2016 Debate We SHOULD Be Having: Why So Few New Businesses? Main Street Growth Project has a column up on FoxNews.com, which is posted below. Let us know your thoughts at


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